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Why would you need a Retirement Coach?

Some of the challenges you will want to consider, and which will be revealed to you when you take the online Retirement Success Profile, include:

  • How will you disengage from your work/career and still maintain your unique self?
  • How can you thrive, not merely survive, in retirement?
  • Will you direct and influence the structure of your life without your full-time work?
  • How will you remain fully open to new growth and development on all levels in your retirement years?
  • Can you balance the needs and wants of those who depend on you and maintain your own sense of internal harmony?
  • How will you find the means to rest your body, stimulate your mind, and enrich yourself in retirement?

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching is an ongoing partnership that will help you to produce satisfying results in your personal life. Coaching is action-oriented, focusing on the present and on your future retirement life.

As your Coach I hold you as being creative, resourceful and whole. My role is to support your Agenda and provide opportunities for possibilities and forward movement. The online Retirement Success Profile survey is just one tool we will use to determine where you are in your retirement planning process. By using compelling questions, active listening, challenges, and your willingness to accept great things in your life, together we design a process of effectiveness and fulfillment.

We begin Coaching with a preliminary discovery session, delving into the results of your personal Retirement Success Profile. After the intake session, half-hour Coaching sessions are held on a weekly basis, either by telephone or in person.

At the end of each Coaching session you will be given an assignment that will forward the motion to achieving your success.  As your Coach I will ask you about, and celebrate, your accomplishments along the way.

Yangtze River photos by Ann Walsh.

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